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Loose Leaf Tea


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Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Floral, light & delicate sweet.

If there is a tea unmissable in your home collection, it is a high quality Jasmine Tea. These hand-rolled green tea leaves have been rested with daily replenished fresh Jasmine leaves for up to 6 nights to absorb the flowers scent before being handrolled into beautiful pearls.

The sweet & floral aromas will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Jasmine Boosts Good Feelings
The aroma of Jasmine helps calm nerves & is commonly used for its uplifting capabilities that produce a feeling of confidence, optimism and revitalized energy.

  • Variety Packet 45g
  • € 7,50 incl.btw
  • 37 Infusions
  • From 10c per cup (when twice infusing)

Jasmine Leaf Green Tea

Floral, mild & sweet.

The combination of Jasmine flowers & tealeaves is a Chinese tradition. High quality green tea leaves have been rested with fresh Jasmine flowers to absorb the scent and the outcome is a soft, slightly sweet and heady floral tea.

The aroma of Jasmine is known for its energy & positivity boosting properties. Just as our Pearl variety, the aroma of this tea will put a smile on your face.

  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 5,20 incl.btw
  • 37 Infusions
  • From 12c per cup (when twice infusing)

Pai Mu Tan White Tea

Light, honey-sweet, grassy & floral

White tea is the least handled of all the tea types.

After harvest, the tea leaves are laid to dry under the sun and once dry, the tea is ready! 

What you taste is a tea in its most purist form.

Harvesting to make white tea only happens in the springtime when the leaves are still young & small. 

The taste is floral & delicate which makes it a refreshing drink to enjoy on warm days hot or iced.

  • Variety Packet 15g
  • € 4,00 incl.btw
  • 18 Infusions
  • From 11c per cup (when twice infusing)

White Monkey Green Tea

Delicate, fresh & refreshing

Every year at the beginning of spring, high in the mountains of Fujian, China; when the tealeaves are still young & sometimes still in bud, this wonderful tea is harvested by hand.

The leaves are full, long & slightly twisted. They have a beautiful light green colour with glimmers of silver & fine white hair. The fine hair is a sign of a young leaf.

We highly recommend this tea for all green tea lovers & especially for those looking to start drinking green tea. 


  • Variety Packet 25g
  • € 4,50 incl.btw
  • 19 Infusions
  • From 12c per cup (when twice infusing)

Japanese Sakura Cherry Green Tea

Heady cherry & refreshing

Each year at spring time across Japan, China & Taiwan, something very special happens to the landscape.

Hundreds & thousands of cherry blossom trees are in bloom & the land becomes a soft blanket of pink.

The aroma of this tea is a heady cherry followed by a vanilla-like sweetness on a light green tea base. 

Rose petals compliment the beautiful, emerald green colour of the tea leaves making for a cheery cup of tea!


  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,90 incl.btw
  • 24 infusions
  • 19c per cup

Nepal Jun Chiyabari Black Tea

Full-tasting, floral, orange fruit & earthy

This rare hand-rolled, organic black tea from the Jun Chiyabari tea garden in Nepal, is for us, one of the best black teas we have ever tasted & we are very happy to be able to offer this in our collection.

The long, wooden coloured tea leaves have been hand-rolled. When the tea is placed in hot water, the leaves unfurl to reveal very beautiful, large & complete tea leaves.

This tea is a full-tasting black tea with floral, orange fruit & earthy undertones. It is a pure black tea that is rare, organic & delicious!


  • Variety Packet 25g
  • € 4,50 incl.btw
  • 14 Infusions
  • 30c per cup 

Earl Grey & Lavender Black Tea

Citrusy & floral

Here we have added a sprinkle of lavender seeds to our Earl Grey.

We make sure that the lavender does not overwhelm the taste of bergamot & instead, flirts with your senses. 

The black tea adds depth to the citrus & floral aromas.

  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,75 incl.btw
  • 18 infusions
  • From 25c per cup

Earl Grey Black Tea


The taste of bergamot citrus fruit has an uplifting effect while the deep taste of the black tea keeps you grounded.

From the moment you smell the tea leaves to the final sip, you are lost in the delicious aroma of Italian bergamot.

Great on its own as it is but of course, that splash of milk or slice of lemon is a thing of tradition!

  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,20 incl.btw
  • 20 Infusions
  • 20c per cup 

Authentic Chai Black Tea

Spicy & intense

Gaining more & more popularity, chai tea offers an alternative to the tea you have been drinking for all these years. Jam packed with different spices that will rock your senses.

Our mix is based on a traditional Indian recipe. It contains rich, spicy aromas from whole cardamom, clove & cinnamon with a touch of sweetness brought in by the aniseed. Balanced by a specially selected black tea.


  • Variety Packet 60g
  • € 6,45 incl.btw
  • 25 Infusions
  • 24c per cup

Natural Rooibos Tea

Fruity, earthy & vibrant

When Rooibos tea is immersed into steaming hot water, the water turns instantly to a beautiful copper colour & it smells as good as it looks.

Our natural organic Rooibos is vibrant and full of fruity & earthy tones. 

This South African herb is enjoyed the world over & appreciated as a caffeine free alternative to black tea or coffee.


  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,00 incl.btw
  • 20 Infusions
  • 18c per cup 

Oatgrass & Honey Rooibos Tea

Citrusy, zingy & earthy

When you open the packet, the aroma of this blend causes a tingling effect on your nose! It's citrusy, refreshing & stimulating.

We like to think of this blend as a rooibos & lemon tea but created with alternative ingredients such as oatgrass, lemon balm & rosemary leaves. It's different but just as refreshing.

Naturally caffeine free.

  • Variety Packet 30g
  • € 4,60 incl.btw
  • 18 infusions
  • From 20c per cup

Elderberry & Rhubarb Rooibos Tea

A fruity summer blend

A spring & summertime dream!

First, you taste the sweetness from the elderberries, then slight sourness of rhubarb before being rounded off by Rooibos's fruity earthiness. 

A great blend for its fruitiness & quality Rooibos taste. Full of flavour & naturally so too!


  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,60 incl.btw
  • 25 infusions
  • From 18c per cup

Honeybush & Safflowers Rooibos Tea

Sweet, warming & replenishing

Our Honeybush & Safflowers tea has all the colours of autumn & it tastes like autumn too. The honeybush, fennel seeds & aniseed create a naturally sweet taste whilst the Rooibos & chamomile round it off with their fruity, calming tones.

This blend is made from 100% natural & organic ingredients. 

Naturally caffeine free.

  • Variety Packet 45g
  • € 5,30 incl.btw
  • 21 infusions
  • From 24c per cup

Ginger & Aronia Berry Herbal Tea

Warming, sweet & soothing

By cold weather, tiredness or after a long day, a cup of our ginger tea will serve you well.

The ginger is warming; the fennel & aniseeds sweetness relaxes while the peppermint picks you up. On a sunny day, this blend makes a refreshing iced tea. View our recipe here.

100% organic & natural ingredients.

Naturally caffeine free.

  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,80 incl.btw
  • 17 infusions
  • From 26c per cup

Peppermint & Lemongrass Herbal Tea

Minty, lively & fresh

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Peppermint is fresh!  A great herbal tea to start your day with that will rehydrate you & help clear your head. An uplifting mint tea blend.

A herbal blend that is good for the body & for the mind.

100% natural ingredients.

Naturally caffeine free.


  • Variety Packet 25g
  • € 3,80 incl.btw
  • 22 infusions
  • From 16c per cup

Restful Night Herbal Tea

Minty, musky & relaxing

This herbal blend has all the herbs known for their ability to relax. Hops & valerian root plus lemon balm, rose petals & chamomile create a naturally restful wonder tea.

A perfect choice to enjoy at the end of the day.

100% natural ingredients.

Naturally caffeine free.

  • Variety Packet 25g
  • € 3,80 incl.btw
  • 22 infusions
  • From 16c per cup

Apples, Pears & Flowers Fruit Tea

Fruity, floral & sweet

This tea is a stunning & vibrant blend of dried fruits & whole flowers. It has many ingredients to help create an honest fruity & floral tea that is full tasting as well as good to look at.

It is a summer garden in a cup & can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

100% natural ingredients.

Naturally caffeine free.


  • Variety Packet 40g
  • € 4,70 incl.btw
  • 15 infusions
  • From 29c per cup